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Netflix v8.42.0 APK + MOD (Premium/4K HDR/All Region/India Content)

Netflix is the leading subscription service for watching TV episodes and movies.

Updated on setembro 25, 2022

Download NETFLIX MOD APK 8.2.0 (Premium Unlocked/VIP/PRO) for Android - Free - Latest. NETFLIX is published by Netflix (Google Play: com.netflix.mediaclient).
DevelopersNetflix, Inc.
RequestAndroid 5.0+
MOD FeaturesPremium/4K HDR/All Region/India Content

Características MOD APK de Netflix

Descarregar Netflix MOD APK com Premium/4K HDR/All Region/India Content.


  • Unlocked Premium.
  • Unlocked VIP.
  • Unlocked Pro.
  • Free.
  • MOD Paid.

Instalar Netflix MOD APK

Para descarregar Netflix (Premium/4K HDR/All Region/India Content) APK e outras aplicações em ApkSoul.io deverá ver as instruções abaixo.
  1. Pode descarregá-lo clicando no botão de descarregamento por baixo do artigo. Depois aguarde alguns segundos para o sistema descarregar automaticamente o ficheiro Netflix MOD APK / DATA
  2. Para instalar software em qualquer outro lugar, tem de permitir a instalação a partir de fontes de terceiros.
  3. Activar a configuração "Fontes Desconhecidas": Vá a Menu > Definições > Segurança > e verifique as fontes desconhecidas para que o seu telefone possa instalar aplicações a partir de outras fontes que não a Loja Play do Google.
  4. Uma vez concluído o passo acima, pode ir para a pasta "Download" no gestor de ficheiros e clicar no ficheiro MOD APK descarregado.

Após a instalação estar concluída, pode abrir a aplicação e experimentar como habitualmente.

Nota: Antes de instalar o APK MOD, é necessário desinstalar a versão original ou outra versão MOD.

About Netflix

Netflix MOD Premium is the movie heaven for you, picture quality up to 4K HDR, supporting subtitles of more than 200 countries.

After hours of stressful work, each person chooses a suitable entertainment method and receives exciting things. One of the most effective ways is to watch movies. Movie titles often bring viewers many different exciting elements and bring them to many different emotional levels with their characteristics. So, once they start loving, they definitely won’t be able to take their eyes off the TV screen. Gradually watching movies also began to adapt and appear on many different platforms such as television, mobile phone, and others. One of the places where you can find quality titles that you cannot ignore is Netflix.


If you love movie titles and want to find a vast world of movies, you must look to Netflix. It is an application that provides you with many good movies with rich genres that anyone would like to experience. At the same time, you can watch the film until you feel bored, stop because the application does not require movie views. So for a movie addict, this is an excellent factor.

It is an application that gives users good movies and is always up to date, so a prerequisite to watching the new film is to connect to wifi or 3G. But wifi is still the first and most economical choice for you to experience what you love. Simultaneously, the download of featured movies is also a factor to support the viewer experience. So you will surely be satisfied with this application.

If you have started to be attracted to the above primary features and want to experience what this movie source offers, you should install it. The installation process is straightforward, and you can find it in any app store like Google Play. You will need a medium-sized handset to start downloading and installing it with ease. At the same time, the application also gives you nothing other than blockbuster movies.

With the configuration that is not demanding and does not possess any factors affecting performance, users will indeed feel secure to experience it. With the essential functions of watching movies and updating new movies, this application will run stably on your device. Simultaneously, the app has attracted many installs and received high reviews and positive feedback. So you can see its influence on the world market.


There definitely won’t be a need for too many colors to decorate for a movie viewing application. The important thing this app can bring is its user-friendly interface. Using a single color is also a plus for Netflix. Users will be able to quickly familiarize themselves with the functions of this application without any difficulty. Everything is appropriately arranged and gives viewers new movies.

During use, you will surely know this is a source of movies that anyone wishes to access. But sometimes generosity is an issue that any user should be afraid of. You can find items and buttons to navigate to the movie you are looking for to solve this. Simultaneously, all the elements are represented in the right language, so it won’t be difficult for you to find the latest movie or your movie list.

One of the elements that any user will love about this app is decorated the movie poster beautifully and attract viewers. When you click on a movie, you’ll see its associated image and content information. This information is necessary for users to choose the perfect film for themselves. Lots of other movies follow the same form. That confirms the integrity of the application design.


When you open Netflix, you will be impressed with what this application has to offer. It’s a user-friendly interface with neatly organized elements. That makes the user experience guaranteed and has a good impression on the app. Once you have selected a movie, your next job is definitely to experience it. It is a complete source of film that you cannot ignore.

Besides the pleasing appearance, the movie’s quality is also a factor that should be considered in this application. You will be able to watch incredible movies with available subtitles that you can understand. All of which help to provide a completely stable and satisfying experience. Sure, when you’ve started enjoying watching a movie, you’ll spend the rest of your time in front of your device screens. It’s hard to deny the great source of movies this app brings.

It is a vast movie warehouse, and it will continue to get bigger as there will always be updating great movies around the world for you to watch. These movies are full of genres that you can choose from. At the same time, you can find it on the newly updated tab of the app. So you can get quality movies, and you will immediately want to watch them. It can be said that this application creates unlimited entertainment opportunities for users.


Although the app gives the user an unlimited entertainment opportunity, human time is limited. They will have to spend a lot of time at work, and it’s wholly dispersed for small to big moments and actions. Indeed, it is difficult for series titles to resist their attraction but still ensure the results of the work you do. But don’t worry about it, let Netflix do the work for you.

This app gives you the ability to watch movies online and save them offline if you don’t have too much time to watch movies. You can download any movie you love to your device. You can then take advantage of small moments like traveling on the metro so you can experience your favorite movie instead of sitting and looking around. Indeed, for the busy person, this is a useful tool.

Another factor that any user will notice is that you won’t watch movies on a single platform. You can use various devices to view them on your phone, tablet, or other media. So, downloading the movies you love will sometimes need to meet the amount of memory your device is using. Once you solve that problem, you can take it anywhere and have great movie times.

Perguntas Mais Frequentes (FAQ)

Q. Como descarregar Netflix em ApkSoul.io?

Para descarregar Netflix Apk Mod, clicar no botão de descarga no topo do artigo ou no final deste artigo. Encontrará então o ficheiro Apk na página "Download" da [nome_da_marca]. Siga as instruções necessárias e descarregará Netflix MOD APK (Premium/4K HDR/All Region/India Content) gratuitamente.

Para descarregar Netflix Apk Mod, clicar no botão de descarga no topo do artigo ou no final deste artigo. Encontrará então o ficheiro Apk na página "Download" da ApkSoul.io. Siga as instruções necessárias e descarregará Netflix MOD APK (Premium/4K HDR/All Region/India Content) gratuitamente.

Q. É seguro descarregar Netflix APK Mod (Premium/4K HDR/All Region/India Content) em ApkSoul.io?

Quando o utilizador descarrega o ficheiro Apk a partir de [nome_da_marca], iremos verificar o ficheiro APK relevante no Google Play e deixaremos o utilizador descarregá-lo directamente. Os jogos e aplicações carregados no nosso website são seguros e inofensivos para os utilizadores.

Q. Porque precisa de permissão para instalar Netflix Mod Hack (Premium/4K HDR/All Region/India Content) ?

O aplicativo precisa de ter acesso ao sistema do seu dispositivo. Ao instalar uma aplicação, será notificado de todas as permissões necessárias para executar a aplicação.

Visão geral

Netflix (com.netflix.mediaclient) é um [nome_tipo] no Android, descarregue a última versão de Netflix Hack Mod (Premium/4K HDR/All Region/India Content) 2021 para Android. Este [nome_tipo] pode ser reproduzido gratuitamente e não requer raiz.

Netflix MOD APK (Premium/4K HDR/All Region/India Content) APK + OBB 2021 pode ser descarregado e instalado no seu dispositivo andróide com andróide versão 4.1 ou superior. Descarregue isto premium app usando o seu browser favorito e clique em install para instalar o premium app. Descarregar (com.netflix.mediaclient) APK + DADOS de Netflix (Premium/4K HDR/All Region/India Content) a partir de ApkSoul.io é mais fácil e rápido. Traduzido com a versão gratuita do tradutor - www.DeepL.com/Translator

Reviews from users

Charles Derek: One thing that would be an amazing feature would be to set a timer or lock on how many episodes auto-play through a session. For example I'm on episode 3 of a season of 18, give a dropdown option to lock it to x videos with a prompt. I've lost count of how many times I've fallen asleep to wake up 2 seasons later. Than end up filtering through dozens of 'watched' episodes with no clue where the last episode actually was... Also ruining what happens in future episodes in the process.

Sonora Stringer: It's a great app really, I love it a lot and it works so well for me. My only problem is they remove all the good shows and leave one season of a series I want to watch. Example Ninja Turtles (2012 version) there's 5 seasons and they only have one. They used to have all of them and I REALLY would rather use Netflix then an app I'm not familiar with!! NETFLIX please add all seasons of some shows!!

Taylor Grace: Netflix is an amazing app/ website to watch TV shows on! I only have one problem with using the website. I've tried to watch TV shows on the website,(with 5 bars of wifi) and Netflix will tell me that there is a problem playing the show. Netflix wasn't down, my computer was fine, and it did this for some reason.

April Lynn: Hadn't ever had trouble with Netflix app. until updated 2 days ago. Now, Screen freezes, sound continues, noticed several others have had similar issues. So, I Uninstalled the reinstalled without any improvement. Eventually pops back up ahead of where left off watching only to happen again. Wish I could just undo having updated back to when wasn't an issue. Help?!?

Mr Niker: Netflix has been slowly removing major movies and shows for a long time as is part of the contract with every streaming platform. But Netflix is a special case among streaming services, instead of replacing it with better content they replace it with the hottest garbage on the market. At this point it's become a waste of money, I'm only interested in a handful of shows that are available elsewhere plus a thousand more things that hold my interest. How far the mighty have fallen.

ShonQ Renee: Update: Big improvement in the app. No longer having problems as previously stated in old review. Definitely use this app more than others. ----------- Lately the app has been malfunctioning (pausing and not starting up again, refusing to open up..) I also use the website and they both do not sync up. So I have to skip an episode I already watched on one of them. So annoying. Uninstalled.

Robert Kramer: It's cool. Got a Lotta ? with it playing blankly in the background. But they don't let you know easily whether a movie is foreign, voice over, or subtitle only. Russian, French, Asian. They're not bad movies at all, however sometimes I'd like to know without speeding ten minutes in to hear a conversation than rewinding. Kind of a hassle for something that mostly plays in the back ground. Over all I say get it. I've had it for years and will continue for years more.

Jensine Pullum: For some time now,the show or movie im watching will stop playing the visual while the audio keeps going. Or it will skip 20-30 seconds and i have no way of reminding to try to go back to the portion i missed. Idk why this is happening, but when it happens 2 or 3 times during one show, its very annoying. Happens at least once every time i watch something.

RageQuit Tyler: This has been an issue for me for quite some time now, with no repite. The video has serious issues maintaining continuity of playback of any show or movie, regardless of whether it's being streamed or played via download. The audio, on the other hand, remains unaffected. I've tried all the various quick-fix methods to resolve this. This issue just doesn't make for a good viewing experience.

Memphis Rayne: I've been a Netflix customer since they first started sending DVD's in the mail, in 1997. Over the years I've witnessed this DVD rental service, practically based on the honor system in regards to returning them, shape itself into one of the world's largest streaming platforms. Although Netflix doesn't add new shows/movies as often as I'd like, they definitely DO NOT disappoint when it comes to looking for something to watch. No matter which genre you prefer, Netflix understands the assignment.

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