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Merge Restaurant: Makeover

Merge Restaurant: Makeover v2.13.0 APK + MOD (Free Shopping)

Design, renovate and decorate the old cafe

Updated on fevereiro 6, 2023

Download Merge Restaurant: Makeover MOD APK 2.13.0 (Free Shopping) para Android - Grátis - Mais recente. Merge Restaurant: Makeover é publicado por Potato Play (Google Play: com.potatoplay.mergerestaurant).
NameMerge Restaurant: Makeover
DevelopersPotato Play
MOD FeaturesFree Shopping
Merge Restaurant: MakeoverMerge Restaurant: MakeoverMerge Restaurant: MakeoverMerge Restaurant: MakeoverMerge Restaurant: MakeoverMerge Restaurant: MakeoverMerge Restaurant: MakeoverMerge Restaurant: MakeoverMerge Restaurant: MakeoverMerge Restaurant: MakeoverMerge Restaurant: MakeoverMerge Restaurant: MakeoverMerge Restaurant: MakeoverMerge Restaurant: MakeoverMerge Restaurant: MakeoverMerge Restaurant: MakeoverMerge Restaurant: MakeoverMerge Restaurant: Makeover

Características MOD APK de Merge Restaurant: Makeover

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  • Unlimited Money.
  • Unlimited Gems.
  • Unlimited Diamonds.
  • Unlocked Characters.
  • High Dame.
  • Onehit.
  • God Mode.

Instalar Merge Restaurant: Makeover MOD APK

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Nota: Antes de instalar o APK MOD, é necessário desinstalar a versão original ou outra versão MOD.

About Merge Restaurant: Makeover

Merge Restaurant MOD APK gives you a new look, and you need to build and renovate your restaurant. This is the time to let go of your resentments and start rebuilding your cherished intentions.

You have outlined the correct direction when deciding to renovate the restaurant in Merge Restaurant. This is a famous puzzle game; the main player is the young and dynamic Mina girl. In this game, you need to clearly define the tasks that you need to do and complete the big goals you set. Moreover, the game will also help you in the finishing process and soon help you get a satisfactory restaurant. The puzzles will also be constantly updated to create new features for players to experience.


Previously, this restaurant was built and developed by you and your ex-boyfriend. But due to disagreements, both of you are temporarily apart, and you have missed the restaurant for a long time without paying attention. But your passion for cooking, along with new ideas, was the driving force that helped you start reviving the restaurant. However, because it was left unattended for too long, everything would be complicated, and the things inside would probably have been damaged. But those things will gradually be replaced by newer things that will make your restaurant look newer than ever.

You embark on a restaurant remodel; you need to come up with a perfect design to make an impression. Especially you can also ask for the help of your friends, and they will help you prepare everything. You also need to receive the support of Merge Restaurant to make your restaurant more complete. It’s worth noting that you’ll also need to solve puzzles in order to find more useful upgrades or help.


After completing all the work at the restaurant, players should also build a menu to meet the requirements. Players need to choose trendy tables actively, and chairs build check-in service areas most effectively. At the same time, you also need to come up with new incentives for the restaurant to get new sales. Players also need to prepare everything carefully to serve the opening of the restaurant.

Players embark on the preparation of delicious food to create a sense of excitement for the player. Merge Restaurant also wants you to solve puzzles to get unique ingredients. These fresh and clean ingredients will help you create delicious food, keep its original flavor and make the restaurant more wonderful. The guests who enjoy it will give objective reviews to create a friendly feeling about the restaurant.


People who come to your restaurant are always delighted with the offers here. More specifically, the staff’s ways of caring for customers always make others feel comfortable. It would help if you also focused on customer-specific promotions to receive positive feedback. You also need to upgrade the restaurant system to be stronger than before.

More interesting is that Merge Restaurant will give you a series of progressive upgrades, thanks to which you will change the restaurant in different styles. You also need to add a series of modern tools and machines to make more delicious dishes. You also have to collect a bunch of extra features through the puzzles that the game offers. Thanks to those puzzles, you get the most exciting and useful upgrades in this game.

Delicious dishes created by your recipes as well as your processing make Merge Restaurant more attractive. Especially the game always allows you to upgrade other modern machines and equipment to serve your cooking tasks. You will also find the game will help you solve difficult puzzles quickly so you can get the ingredients to create new dishes. The game always keeps this fun, and you are the happy protagonist of the game.


  • Revive the restaurant and ignore the resentment behind it to focus on developing your own restaurant.
  • Call for help from friends so they can come and help and rebuild the complete restaurant.
  • Conquer the big puzzles in this game and from there win clean ingredients for your restaurant.
  • You can also use helpful hints from the game to overcome them easily for difficult puzzles.
  • Participate in essential cooking contests and try to change more diverse tastes to serve diners.

Perguntas Mais Frequentes (FAQ)

Q. Como descarregar Merge Restaurant: Makeover em

Para descarregar Merge Restaurant: Makeover Apk Mod, clicar no botão de descarga no topo do artigo ou no final deste artigo. Encontrará então o ficheiro Apk na página "Download" da [nome_da_marca]. Siga as instruções necessárias e descarregará Merge Restaurant: Makeover MOD APK (Free Shopping) gratuitamente.

Para descarregar Merge Restaurant: Makeover Apk Mod, clicar no botão de descarga no topo do artigo ou no final deste artigo. Encontrará então o ficheiro Apk na página "Download" da Siga as instruções necessárias e descarregará Merge Restaurant: Makeover MOD APK (Free Shopping) gratuitamente.

Q. É seguro descarregar Merge Restaurant: Makeover APK Mod (Free Shopping) em

Quando o utilizador descarrega o ficheiro Apk a partir de [nome_da_marca], iremos verificar o ficheiro APK relevante no Google Play e deixaremos o utilizador descarregá-lo directamente. Os jogos e aplicações carregados no nosso website são seguros e inofensivos para os utilizadores.

Q. Porque precisa de permissão para instalar Merge Restaurant: Makeover Mod Hack (Free Shopping) ?

O aplicativo precisa de ter acesso ao sistema do seu dispositivo. Ao instalar uma aplicação, será notificado de todas as permissões necessárias para executar a aplicação.

Visão geral

Merge Restaurant: Makeover (com.potatoplay.mergerestaurant) é um [nome_tipo] no Android, descarregue a última versão de Merge Restaurant: Makeover Hack Mod (Free Shopping) 2021 para Android. Este [nome_tipo] pode ser reproduzido gratuitamente e não requer raiz.

Merge Restaurant: Makeover MOD APK (Free Shopping) APK + OBB 2021 pode ser descarregado e instalado no seu dispositivo andróide com andróide versão 4.1 ou superior. Descarregue isto game mod apk usando o seu browser favorito e clique em install para instalar o game mod apk. Descarregar (com.potatoplay.mergerestaurant) APK + DADOS de Merge Restaurant: Makeover (Free Shopping) a partir de é mais fácil e rápido. Traduzido com a versão gratuita do tradutor -

Reviews from users

christina demello: Hi. I just updated to version 2.13.0 and now the game doesn't want to open at all. Please fix this issue

Kandie Bircher: So much fun an so far not hardly any ads. Also it fixing up a restaurant right now not making food yet. If you love to merge this is the game to play

Momma Joe: Great game! I've spent of few dollars on this but it's well worth it. Enough rewards with ads to keep you playing for awhile.

Lauren: So much fun! This is definitely one of the better merge games. The ads actually work and you get plenty of opportunities to earn rubies and energy by watching ads. I love it!

Armida Ira Bolla: Issues with event. When I exit the game and reload again later all my event progress reverts back to a certain point so I end up losing my items as well.

Hattrick369: I like this game, but ive finished all the restaurants, and they haven't brought a new one out in months! Im caring less and less every week to the point of uninstalling soon. Also, 4+ gigs of storage! Why is this game so large!?

CIR S: Pretty good for a merge game. Generous with in game rewards so you can keep playing a while without having to log out while waiting for generators to refresh. Cute story line.

Elizabeth Picking: Eveybody says this game has one fault, the fact that the producers run out so fast. It's not that big a problem. Every person that wrote a review said that and I just don't get it. But back on a good note (I'm not just gonna complain) there are really cute graphics and it never glitches. You may want to change the look of the mysterious man, because my little sister found him pretty scary, but then again, she's like, six, so that's not a big problem. Great game, 9/10 would recommend.

James Bennett: Enjoyed the app as something to zone out to (despite aggressively needing to view ads to avoid cooldowns etc.). But after getting so far - a fair way into the second restaurant - the game no longer loads up properly. When opening the app, it will just hang on the loading screen, the background music will play, and the game just stays stuck there without properly starting. Persists after clearing cache, uninstalling, reinstalling, and restarting the phone. Edit - magically fixed itself today, +1*

Havok Fz: Although it recharges faster than others, between needing energy, generators needing TWO HOURS to recharge and tasks requiring level 8 items (256 base clicks), sometimes from the secondary (and least likely to show up) branch, you end up entering every couple of hour to make a few clicks and then wait another two hours. Unless you are willing to cough up lots of cash to speed up.

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