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ICEY v1.1.1 APK + MOD (Patched, Menu Mod)

You See? ICEY, I See!

Updated on dezembro 8, 2022

Download ICEY MOD APK 1.1.1 (Patched, Menu Mod) para Android - Grátis - Mais recente. ICEY é publicado por X.D. Network (Google Play: com.fantablade.icey).
DevelopersX.D. Network
MOD FeaturesPatched, Menu Mod

Características MOD APK de ICEY

Descarregar ICEY MOD APK com Patched, Menu Mod.


  • Unlimited Money.
  • Unlimited Gems.
  • Unlimited Diamonds.
  • Unlocked Characters.
  • High Dame.
  • Onehit.
  • God Mode.


Para descarregar ICEY (Patched, Menu Mod) APK e outras aplicações em deverá ver as instruções abaixo.
  1. Pode descarregá-lo clicando no botão de descarregamento por baixo do artigo. Depois aguarde alguns segundos para o sistema descarregar automaticamente o ficheiro ICEY MOD APK / DATA
  2. Para instalar software em qualquer outro lugar, tem de permitir a instalação a partir de fontes de terceiros.
  3. Activar a configuração "Fontes Desconhecidas": Vá a Menu > Definições > Segurança > e verifique as fontes desconhecidas para que o seu telefone possa instalar aplicações a partir de outras fontes que não a Loja Play do Google.
  4. Uma vez concluído o passo acima, pode ir para a pasta "Download" no gestor de ficheiros e clicar no ficheiro MOD APK descarregado.

Após a instalação estar concluída, pode abrir a aplicação e experimentar como habitualmente.

Nota: Antes de instalar o APK MOD, é necessário desinstalar a versão original ou outra versão MOD.

About ICEY

ICEY takes players to an intense battle with Cyborg bosses known as undefeated bosses. Transform into a hero using attacks and dodges to release the chains that bind you.

ICEY is known as a legendary action role-playing game with a 2D scrolling style. When players come to this world, there will be storytellers behind, always urging to do this and that. However, that is not what you want to do and will harm you. Therefore, the player’s task is to constantly compete with them, ask questions to wake up, and officially enter the fight against the boss.


ICY opens up to you the details and action scenes in a unified process. These things link each part of the game into a complete story that is extremely attractive. This place is also known as Metagame in disguise because what controls you is not as precise and logical as you think. This empire is not so simple, but on the contrary, it is the pitfalls that always welcome you to hunt and conquer.


In this world, you will be led by an unidentified underground force, and players will be able to communicate with them through an echoing sound system from above. We often refer to them as storytellers who wield power to control the actions and changes that will occur in wars. They will constantly speak up and direct you to act in the direction they want, like puppets.


However, do you think ICEY gives you such easy and dedicated guidance? Players are always forced to ask the question of why they have to do this, will it really help me in this battle. Or sometimes questions like why should you follow his instructions? The things in your mind will help you take action against the easy things in front of your eyes.

What is being shown in ICEY is not all that is going on, which also means that it is not true. It is even more critical that it is not what belongs to you and needs you to discover. The truth is always hidden behind but extremely difficult to find. Can you figure out why the narrator is so interested in your mission?


Now get ready to fight with all your might against the compulsion and arrogance of the narrator. If just using eyes to fight is not enough, players need more than that. Good intuition and a brain working at full capacity will be your trump card to turn the situation to make the most decisive rumors. Fight in fast-paced parallel combat that crushes your enemies in a flash.


Facing you are scary Cyborg bosses; just mention the name, and any gamer must be startled. The continuous and fierce attacks from them will hinder your path to finding the truth. Here, you come into contact with a single boss and many different names with a boss possessing separate attacks. However, players need to find their weak points to launch a counterattack to tear their flesh and skin them off.


  • The battle between you and the Cyborg bosses is both vast and terrifying with one-of-a-kind attacks.
  • Capture the weak points and impurity of the enemy to prepare a precise and strategic counterattack.
  • Use combos of skills combined with simple controls to conquer the truth of your world.
  • Perform the task of removing the chains that are surrounding and starting to hinder the player.
  • Expose the real face and resist the specific instructions of the two-faced storyteller.

Perguntas Mais Frequentes (FAQ)

Q. Como descarregar ICEY em

Para descarregar ICEY Apk Mod, clicar no botão de descarga no topo do artigo ou no final deste artigo. Encontrará então o ficheiro Apk na página "Download" da [nome_da_marca]. Siga as instruções necessárias e descarregará ICEY MOD APK (Patched, Menu Mod) gratuitamente.

Para descarregar ICEY Apk Mod, clicar no botão de descarga no topo do artigo ou no final deste artigo. Encontrará então o ficheiro Apk na página "Download" da Siga as instruções necessárias e descarregará ICEY MOD APK (Patched, Menu Mod) gratuitamente.

Q. É seguro descarregar ICEY APK Mod (Patched, Menu Mod) em

Quando o utilizador descarrega o ficheiro Apk a partir de [nome_da_marca], iremos verificar o ficheiro APK relevante no Google Play e deixaremos o utilizador descarregá-lo directamente. Os jogos e aplicações carregados no nosso website são seguros e inofensivos para os utilizadores.

Q. Porque precisa de permissão para instalar ICEY Mod Hack (Patched, Menu Mod) ?

O aplicativo precisa de ter acesso ao sistema do seu dispositivo. Ao instalar uma aplicação, será notificado de todas as permissões necessárias para executar a aplicação.

Visão geral

ICEY (com.fantablade.icey) é um [nome_tipo] no Android, descarregue a última versão de ICEY Hack Mod (Patched, Menu Mod) 2021 para Android. Este [nome_tipo] pode ser reproduzido gratuitamente e não requer raiz.

ICEY MOD APK (Patched, Menu Mod) APK + OBB 2021 pode ser descarregado e instalado no seu dispositivo andróide com andróide versão 4.1 ou superior. Descarregue isto game mod apk usando o seu browser favorito e clique em install para instalar o game mod apk. Descarregar (com.fantablade.icey) APK + DADOS de ICEY (Patched, Menu Mod) a partir de é mais fácil e rápido. Traduzido com a versão gratuita do tradutor -

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Reviews from users

MARKSMANIAC: I didn't rate this game 5 stars just because some guy told me to.? Its just that the game is absolutely FANTASTIC!! There's really good combat, a mysterious story, a narrator who's self aware, and it also has some replay value. I'm really glad that I bought this game! There's no ads, absolutely no in app purchases. What's more impressive is that even if the game has beautiful graphics, it doesn't require a powerful processor.? So with that being said, this game deserves a 5 star rating!?????

AZ Arifin: The game is quite interesting and the battle is engaging once you used to it, but i have an issue that even though i already obtain all the trophies, the option to the last trophy of "to meet you again", which is the most important thing to reveal the story did not appear. And i have no idea why did that happen...

A Google user: 20/10, 2D Side-scrolling ARPG done right. The "story" is also quite entertaining. I'd recommend buying this. I heard that there's modes harder than hard tho. I'd really love it if it was added here on the mobile port. Am not being a try-hard by any means. I just really love the combat system of the game and would love to see how far I can go until I finally start struggling :)

A Google user: Thank you for the game, I haven't played a hack&slash in a long time & this one was challenging. My first play through was on HARD & it was pretty challenging. The gameplay is smooth, very funny dialogue & some intruiging secrets that elaborate on the lack of story in the main quest. I just wish there was a more difficult difficulty after HARD. Great game. Love bein a ninja cyborg

A Google user: For such a cheap title, it's a surprisingly good time killer for a couple of hours. Also had lots of Easter eggs and the overall experience is definitely good (a little like Stanley's parable). Few glitches, simple controls, and consistent art. The dev really put some love and fun into making this.

A Google user: fun to play for a few hours but the game has some glaring problems that completley take away from the fun. The biggest issue found in the game is with being stun locked during a fight. So many enimies are able to stun you but I often found myself being unable to move or function in the game because I have been stummed five times in a row. Progression also becomes fristrating. I've gone from tutoroal level difficulty to being required to fight multiple boss enimies in a row at the first town.

A Google user: Funny, well designed game! I have to admit, the narration is funny and unique! Graphics is awesome! Controls and handeling is a 10! Game mechanics, is a 10! Overall, the game play is one of the best game I played on a mobile phone! Great work! ...and yes, I understand making a game takes time and money -( the game creator). I personally say "...well money spent!" This is a must have game to all gamers of the generation.

A Google user: Absolutely brilliant. And I dont just mean controls. Doesnt really have that feel you normally get with games ported to mobile. Its pretty fluid. but the real gem I've seen is the interaction with the game itself. I wont give spoilers, but when playing the game, I encourage you to think for yourself. I'd probably say this is the best 4$ I've ever spent

A Google user: BEST GAME EVER!!! I cant believe all this time I thought of this as a weird just battle games with nothing else at all. But damn the storyline is great. The storylines when you disobey the narrator/creators orders/arrows are really hilarious and also intriguing so you have spent a decade here eh... Well its well worth it my friend This is a great gaming experience for me and probably mamy others as I can see in the reviews XD Keep up the great work!!!

A Google user: At first,I had issues with the rebooting process but,once I was able to play the game,I really enjoyed it.It's funny how the narrator response to the players' actions and interact with us too.It really breaks the fourth wall.I'm glad to have brought ICEY.The game experience is cool and fun too.I hope to see more updates and games from X.D. Network.

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