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Filmic Firstlight - Photo App

Filmic Firstlight - Photo App v1.3.7 APK + MOD (Premium Unlocked)

Modern photos with analog vibe

Updated on março 27, 2023

Download FiLMiC Firstlight MOD APK 1.1.13 (Premium Unlocked/VIP/PRO) for Android - Free - Latest. FiLMiC Firstlight is published by FiLMiC Inc. (Google Play: com.filmic.firstlight).
NameFilmic Firstlight - Photo App
DevelopersFiLMiC Inc.
MOD FeaturesPremium Unlocked
Filmic Firstlight - Photo AppFilmic Firstlight - Photo AppFilmic Firstlight - Photo AppFilmic Firstlight - Photo AppFilmic Firstlight - Photo AppFilmic Firstlight - Photo AppFilmic Firstlight - Photo AppFilmic Firstlight - Photo App

Características MOD APK de Filmic Firstlight - Photo App

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Instalar Filmic Firstlight - Photo App MOD APK

Para descarregar Filmic Firstlight - Photo App (Premium Unlocked) APK e outras aplicações em deverá ver as instruções abaixo.
  1. Pode descarregá-lo clicando no botão de descarregamento por baixo do artigo. Depois aguarde alguns segundos para o sistema descarregar automaticamente o ficheiro Filmic Firstlight - Photo App MOD APK / DATA
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Nota: Antes de instalar o APK MOD, é necessário desinstalar a versão original ou outra versão MOD.

About Filmic Firstlight - Photo App

Taking photos at the present time is so easy and familiar, anyone in the world can do it with a smartphone. If you have prepared a smartphone with a super-sharp camera, you may need a genuine photo app. FiLMiC Firstlight is all you need right now.

The latest trendy app

FiLMiC Firstlight photography app allows users to experience the unique features that make lively shooting exciting and creative. While you are in need of a quick on-screen edit to get the best angle, everything is ready. Even in the application also divided into many separate photography modes for users to choose depending on the situation anymore.

Firstlight has a mode that allows users to take speedy pictures with pre-applied filters. You can really make everything look extremely professional with just a simple operation on your device. In addition, there are different sets installed. You have to swipe your finger to find what you are looking for. Cross-Swipe makes your landscape photos look better thanks to features that help with focus and exposure. Usage is simple as you swipe across the image to dial in your perfect shot; swipe up and down to adjust exposure; Swipe left and right to adjust focus. Film Simulations will help you to get the exact same pictures as cut from famous movies. There are many different features too. You just slowly explore from one until you get the most satisfactory results.

How to use intuitive, easy to understand and have advanced

Before taking a picture, users should touch the point they need focus to increase the sharpness of the image. Besides, this operation also quickly helps the image to be exposed, making the light more harmonious. Finally, with the second touch, you can lock the screen so that you can easily take photos without being out of focus. Moreover, if AE Mode is turned on, the image will automatically be selected for the best point, thanks to the setting shutter/iso combination.

Powerful tools that automatically install

Burst mode, Timer, Flash, are all tools that facilitate the user to have free hands in the perfect angle. This makes your photography experience fast and consistent. Just pre-set everything, then look for a really nice place. Grid overlays, Aspect ratios, HDR control, … are even more handy to make photos look really sharp and special.

The special premium package for those who really like

Shutter Speed ​​or ISO values ​​will be expanded and have the parameters unlocked automatically. In addition, Film Simulation also opens more options. You can see there are many types of films. Choose one of them to make your photodynamic, modern, or nostalgic. Custom live analytics also really makes your photos analyzed and makes them a lot more vivid.

This app is really for landscape photography, and it really gives a photo of life. We should go out, take a smartphone with “FiLMiC Firstlight” installed and enjoy the fantastic nature. In addition, you can easily post it on popular social networking sites to receive compliments from friends.

MOD Info?

  • Premium Unlocked Features

Perguntas Mais Frequentes (FAQ)

Q. Como descarregar Filmic Firstlight - Photo App em

Para descarregar Filmic Firstlight - Photo App Apk Mod, clicar no botão de descarga no topo do artigo ou no final deste artigo. Encontrará então o ficheiro Apk na página "Download" da [nome_da_marca]. Siga as instruções necessárias e descarregará Filmic Firstlight - Photo App MOD APK (Premium Unlocked) gratuitamente.

Para descarregar Filmic Firstlight - Photo App Apk Mod, clicar no botão de descarga no topo do artigo ou no final deste artigo. Encontrará então o ficheiro Apk na página "Download" da Siga as instruções necessárias e descarregará Filmic Firstlight - Photo App MOD APK (Premium Unlocked) gratuitamente.

Q. É seguro descarregar Filmic Firstlight - Photo App APK Mod (Premium Unlocked) em

Quando o utilizador descarrega o ficheiro Apk a partir de [nome_da_marca], iremos verificar o ficheiro APK relevante no Google Play e deixaremos o utilizador descarregá-lo directamente. Os jogos e aplicações carregados no nosso website são seguros e inofensivos para os utilizadores.

Q. Porque precisa de permissão para instalar Filmic Firstlight - Photo App Mod Hack (Premium Unlocked) ?

O aplicativo precisa de ter acesso ao sistema do seu dispositivo. Ao instalar uma aplicação, será notificado de todas as permissões necessárias para executar a aplicação.

Visão geral

Filmic Firstlight - Photo App (com.filmic.firstlight) é um [nome_tipo] no Android, descarregue a última versão de Filmic Firstlight - Photo App Hack Mod (Premium Unlocked) 2021 para Android. Este [nome_tipo] pode ser reproduzido gratuitamente e não requer raiz.

Filmic Firstlight - Photo App MOD APK (Premium Unlocked) APK + OBB 2021 pode ser descarregado e instalado no seu dispositivo andróide com andróide versão 4.1 ou superior. Descarregue isto premium app usando o seu browser favorito e clique em install para instalar o premium app. Descarregar (com.filmic.firstlight) APK + DADOS de Filmic Firstlight - Photo App (Premium Unlocked) a partir de é mais fácil e rápido. Traduzido com a versão gratuita do tradutor -

Reviews from users

Amy Garman: I really like the interface, the focus and exposure gestures give you easy control. I also enjoy the film simulations, with grain and vignette options that you can apply before you take the shot. The main improvement I'd like to see is support for optical zoom. I got a Samsung galaxy s21 ultra specifically for the optical zoom, but this app appears to only use digital zoom. The native Samsung camera app is still far superior in this regard.

Erik Halberstadt: Based on two features I expected to see in Pro, I bought it. Then one of the features was an extra purchase. The implied feature: still capture. Not in Pro, it's video or no-go. The add-on I wanted was black and white "electrum" which isn't present nor approximated. I did get a refund for Pro but had to request the $2.99 via email. For video it looks like it might be a winner IF your device is supported. My Galaxy S21 ULTRA may not be - I won't be buying without AT LEAST single frame.

Steve B.: I really like the interface and the output of the RAW files -- works extremely well with Lightroom. Unfortunately it doesn't support HDR (outside of Pixel Devices), so has limited use as a "Point and Shoot" app since you have to leave the app -- creating a time lag and inconvenience. Would be great with expanded HDR support. Overall easy to use and to learn. The GUI facilitates handling with changing conditions very well. Not sure I would recommend paying for it though (I did), but perhaps I'll start using the creative tools more and change the value equation. I have the Sony Xperia 5 II FWIW.

Miguel Dorado: I'd love to have a photo app with the same interface as Filmic Pro. However, this is another app that gives the impression of a sleek intuitive UI, while relying on symbols with no text to adjust settings. Exposure and focus always get mixed up when swiping. Asking us to pay for features most of out cameras already have built-in. The few filters offered aren't too impressive although I like the grain. Unfortunately I can't use any photos taken with this app because the high level of noise.

Michael Ulmer: I like the app but... I am using this app on my Surface Duo and it really takes a much better picture than the native camera. However, due to the aspect ratio of the screen on the Surface Duo, what the camera lens is seeing and what is displayed on the screen are NOT the same. In portrait mode approximately 1/4 of the top of the picture is cut off making it almost impossible to frame your shot. You either shot more area and wind up cropping the picture or you cut off part of your shot ????

LiveWire937: Love the app, but it's not very stable yet. Crashes about half the time on switching lenses, and can be pretty laggy at times. Overall though, promising, considering it's still in beta. Had some difficulty with premium, but updating my OS seems to have fixed it. For this reason, I don't recommend buying premium unless you're on Android 9 (Pie) or newer, as it may not work properly.

Brad Fredricks: Responsive developer. Full of cool functions. Looking for audio controls that let me use external mic, Bluetooth mic, think it has it, not sure. So far so good. Also, I claimed it did not have RAW and was politely corrected by developed. My bad. Seriously appreciate how they handle their responses. Recommend this over Moment App. Maybe add V-Log please. :)

Scott Straub: I do NOT have a photography background, but recently started digiscoping with my Note 10+. I downloaded the app based on an online recommendation. My opinion is from an inexperienced users perspective. This seems more intuitive than my Note 10+'s native camera. I like the ability to change exposure with one finger, and quickly switch back to AF. HOWEVER, i also have the black screen glitch, the AF could be more accurate and faster, and action shots could be less blurry. Just my 2cents

A Google user: This could be great. If the gallery could tie into Google Photos that would be awesome. Recent update causes this app to fail to launch though. Hopefully a fix comes through soon! Edit: when clicking on the app, a black screen appears instead of an interface. The home and back buttons are still responsive, but slow. As for GPhotos; an option in the menus to choose where to save our files would allow GPhotos to see them automatically. Or if we could select our preferred gallery app.

A Google user: This is actually quite good, if a bit limited, but it is a first release after all. (Remember the first version of Photoshop?) The swipe method is particularly nice and it's an intuitive way to control exposure and focus, much better than the Samsung native app. I will be upgrading to the paid version very soon after I familiarize myself a bit more with the app. I have the Filmic Pro Video app and it is quite powerful and flexible. I have seen how responsive the Filmic team is responding to bug reports and adding features. If you understand photography this is a logical upgrade from the Samsung (Galaxy 10) app. It would be nice if phone manufacturers would not block third-party apps from accessing all features, but we can hope.

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